This is a web series about two horror fans leaping into directing their first creature feature with their fame-hungry roommate... And then it's all downhill from there...

Our show stars Sharon Belle (as Becca), Maddy Foley (as Allie), Heather Dicke (as Lara), and Conor Sweeney (as Theo DeVille). To find out more about our cast, check out our Cast & Crew page.

The show was created, written, (mostly) directed, and produced by Alicia Faucher and Larissa Thomas - who lost their film-ginity together. It was beautiful and filled with suffering, crying, and lots of wine. To read more about how Allie & Lara came to be, check out our Media section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Allie and Lara?

Allie & Lara are FICTIONAL characters created by the writers Alicia Faucher & Larissa Thomas. They are portrayed by actresses Maddy Foley & Heather Dicke respectively.

So Alicia and Larissa don't play themselves?

No, these are fictional characters.

Do the actresses that play Allie and Lara write the show?

No. Maddy & Heather are both skilled improvisers, and are given room to play, but this is primarily scripted content provided by our writers.

Is this a horror movie?

No. This is a comedy web series about two women making a horror movie.

Who directed the show?

The first two episodes are directed by Larica Perera. Then, each writer directed the episodes they wrote. Larissa directed 3, 4, 7, 9, 11 and 12. Alicia directed 5, 6, 8, and 10. We are first-time directors and didn't plan on directing our show, but such is life! We certainly learned a lot!

Who produced the show?

Alicia and Larissa produced the show. Roger Mcleish, our Associate Producer, helped make this show a reality as well!

Will there be a second season?

Alicia and Larissa would love to make season two, and have pow-wowed many ideas, but only if it's financially viable and there's a need for it.

What was the budget of the show?

$10,000 Canadian. That primarily went to paying the key cast and key crew. Alicia and Larissa did not get paid. #indiefilmmaking

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