Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Allie & Lara?

Allie & Lara are FICTIONAL characters created by our writers Alicia Faucher & Larissa Thomas. They are portrayed by actresses Maddy Foley & Heather Dicke respectively.

So Alicia & Larissa don’t play themselves?

No. These are FICTIONAL characters with similar names.

Do the actresses that play Allie & Lara write the show?

No. Maddy & Heather are both skilled improvisers, and are given room to play, but this is primarily scripted content provided by our writers.

Is this a horror movie?

No. This is a comedy web series about two women making a horror movie.

And those girls are directing the series?

No. The series is directed by Larica Perera. The similarity in her name is a complete coincidence.

So you’re saying it’s horror-comedy?

Not really. It’s basically just a comedy ABOUT horror. Horror is our subject, not our genre.

Will horror fans even like this?

We have no idea. The references, both stylistically, and in the story/dialogue, are very much geared toward horror fans, but we can’t begin to anticipate what horror fans will like. As we all know, horror films range from amazing to pure shit, to amazingly shitty to so shitty it’s actually amazing. Who’s to say?!

If you like horror so much, what makes you think you can write comedy?

Correct! We are one-dimensional intergalactic robots from the planet Vagitron. We live among you, almost completely unnoticed. If it were not for our cold, deadpan stare, and inability to love and laugh, not to mention the mechanical grinding you hear when our thighs rub together, you would never know we were here.

Oh yeah, you’re women! I almost forgot!

Unfortunately we cannot on account of our monthly reminders. #BloodContract.

What makes you think you can write horror?

Because Michael Myers was shot 6 times (or 7 if you’re watching the opening of H2) and not even that could keep him down. Because Freddy kills it in his sleep, and Jason is so fucking motivated by his mother’s endless support that he is able to get his mutilated, undead ass to shore even though he can’t swim. Because we clearly walked away with the wrong message: We can do whatever the fuck we want! The possibilities are endless. It’s too late to change. This is who we are now. Never give up. Never back down. Never sleep again. #BossBitches

Who is Becca and how does she fit in?

Becca (played by actress Sharon Belle) is Lara’s roommate. She wants to help, but she also wants to be a star. She wants them to give her the lead role in their movie.

Is she The Woman that we always see playing Womantis when the girls are writing?

No. The Woman is their fantasy actress who they see playing the role in their movie. She is played by actress Violet Mount.

This is all very confusing. Is there an easier way to understand this?

Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie is a comedy web series about indie horror filmmaking that is written by Alicia Faucher & Larissa Thomas, Directed by Larica Perera, and stars Maddy Foley & Heather Dicke. When they write they see the ideal Woman (portrayed by Violet Mount) playing their creature, but in reality, they are stuck with Lara’s untalented roommate Becca (portrayed by Sharon Belle) playing the role. None of this is based on a true story. The characters are fictional. This project is created by “women” aka robots from the planet Vagitron.

So no then?

...probably not ever.